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Vista Ahoy!

To fully utilize my PC I have to run Vista. As much as I dislike for no particular reason other than I just have never truly used it. So that aside after a backup and fresh install of Vista Business, I have to install a few drivers. What else is new. After that I give Aero a spin. I must say it was already done and not that intriguing to me cause I have used Linux and a distribution that could run Beryl. But I am glad that caught on to that idea. Widgets are alright I suppose, never really used them but the sticky one is great. I use sticky s on my comp monitor all the time for things, now I can remove the clutter.

After A full days use or so I can really tell you if it bugs, me pleases me or what not. But I can already tell I am gonna like the performance cause XP could not utilize a Quad core, 10 gigs of ram computer.

So check back for an official review of Windows Vista Business.
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