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How to Deal With Trolls


Man…where should I start? Never, in the year that I have been attending Destructoid have I been as mad as I am right now. I gave myself to the count of 10, I even tried walking it off. No go, I have to do this or it will bug me all week. Most people on this website know me as a pretty mild mannered and nice guy but I've just about had it with some people.

Consult the 10 Commandments for Community Bloggers


Your blog, is inflammatory, you need to fix some things. Let me teach you some simple English here; its called PARAGRAPHS, use them to separate your thoughts.

“You know for years I have been sitting by and listening to countless people whine about how the 360 sucks so bad, and how I got red ringed...”

Actually I don’t ‘know for years’, you need a comma there. What have you been sitting by? Are there really countless people ‘whining about the RRoD these days? The 360 has been on the Market for only a little more than 2 years so I think your ‘for years’ is bullshit.

“I remember a time back in 2000 when a little system called the PS2 came out and not to long after that people started crying about how there PS2 won't read discs... countless gamers had lost there systems due to this issues. Hell even I remember having to buy a PS2 cause of this issues... TWICE!”

*sigh* Again with the countless and the lack of commas. ‘There’ is a direction/place, ‘their’ denotes possession, and ‘they’re’ is a contraction for ‘they are’; learn these 3 rules or go Die In A Fire. Comparing the problems that the PS2 was having with the problems that the 360 has had is another bullshit point, the failure rate for PS2s was much lower than the supposed 30% failure rate that most Xbox 360’s were experiencing.

“I waited two years to buy the 360 cause I knew this was going to happen. It happened with the first XBOX it happen with the PS2, shit if I even remember correctly it happen to the Dreamcast also (remember the whole controller port issue) What I'm trying to say is learn from your past. You all set yourself up for buying the system so soon.”

Well whoopteefuckingdoo that you waited two years to buy a system. Do you want a prize for being behind the 8 ball for that length of time? You need to go back to remedial English and learn where to fucking use commas so you can separate your thoughts into cohesive phrases! I set myself up for being an early adopter? Fuck off with that logic you prick. You see yourself as smart for buying a game system when it’s half way through its life cycle? I see you as a pompous ass who has nothing better to do than put up a troll-ish blog on Destructoid.

“I bought my 360 5 months ago, I play COD4 for hours on end, Same with games like Bioshock and Oblivion. Games that push this system to it's limits. I use it as my DVD player, and my stereo in my house. My system stays on for most of the day... and I have never had any issues with it.”

So you’re saying here is that you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, you use it as a DVD player, and a game system. Give it some time and you will probably end up with having issues with it. In this age of optical media games, expect your system to eventually die, RRoD or not. Dude, CoD4 is available on both current gen systems and so is Oblivion, there’s no need to brag about games that aren’t exclusive.

“The 360 is the best system on the market today, it has the best online service, and it has the largest library of games out there.... so get off your Microsoft hating high horse and SHUT THE FUCK UP! you all brought it on yourself.”

You need to take your own advice and keep your fanboy opinions to yourself. This website’s blog is fueled by 2 major fucking rules that you need to learn yourself. First, STFUAJPG. Since you’re new here I’ll spell it all out for you: Shut The Fuck Up And Just Play Games. The second and most important rule of being a Cblogger is DON’T SUCK. You’ve failed on both of these rules and I can’t wait to see the ignorance you are going to be spouting at me for putting you in your place, you little fucking troll. GTFO my internets.
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