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Lazyness in Blogging is next to Godliness...I think

Vacation can sometimes get the better of you and cause one to forget about blogging for awhile. Returning back to being a wage slave, however, does remind you of forgotten things...like my blog.

Well, updates a plenty.

First, my basement framing is nearly complete and the next step is wiring. Electrical is expected to take a about a week or 2 (in theory) and then we begin the magical step of drywalling! Its amazing how fast framing goes when you actually get to it and work. I'll update with some pictures later today once I'm home.

Second, we have TV!!! After much consideration (and discussions w/ the Master of the Checkbook), I picked up the LN-T5265 Samsung 52" 1080p LCD panel.

I've had it out of the box all of twice - once for testing to ensure it worked, and once more to show it off to the wife and my parents (who are also, sorta in the market). OH. My. LORD. This set is amazing! I've never had anything this large in my house, so its a nice change of pace and definite motivation to get the media room complete. Even my wife loved it (which is surprising, since she's not really huge on HD or TV besides soap operas...If you're reading this sweetheart, I love you!!! Really. I do.)

We're also installing a bar in the media room. This was not really a last-minute addition, but we've nailed down the plans and we can get it built.

The last major update is a more personal note. My wife and I have been having some difficulty in getting pregnant, and we've been seeing a specialist. Well, our insurance company dropped the doctor and we're switching to an in-network specialist, which is fine. However, we're having problems with previous treatments getting approved. For those who do believe, all I can do is ask for prayer as my wife and I continue to work through these issues, both financial and physiological, as we both are really wanting to become parents in the next year. We did get some encouraging news from the doctor last week regarding some test results, but we really need prayer while we continue onward with our goal of parenthood.

All for now...pictures of the basement (with my dog, of course) to come soon!!

Bilbo out.
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