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Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Coming in at the last minute!

My mom recently got a Toshiba Satellite laptop, so now I hijack it to play games that have been released in the last five years, as our desktop is a bit old (and my brother is always playing WoW on it anyway.) Here I am playing OutRun 2006, a pretty damn fun game.

I forget the exact specs, but it has 2 GB of RAM, AMD Turion 64X2... I think 1.8 GHz, and an ATI Radeon PCI card (128 or 256 MB, I forget.) The three main games I've played on it are OutRun, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Portal.

But I do most of my gaming here:

All 5 Nintendo consoles (with a Game Boy Player,) a black Sega Sports Dreamcast, and the white SingStar PS2. The Gamecube is also a Pokémon XD limited edition. I didn't set out to own special versions of any consoles, they just happened to be available when I was in the market for them. Note the "Touching is Good" promotional mannequin hand, and the talking Tails I found at Goodwill. Also, I use a cassette adapter from the switchbox to the boom box when I want to play games in stereo, as the 13" Montgomery Ward that's been with us for some 20 years and now sits in my room is mono. Except for the sound of the tape reels turning, it works out beautifully.

I need a bigger shelf. And a place to hang that Phoenix Wright poster.
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