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Final Fantasy Fuck Ups: Eyes on Me Post Coital FAIL

After the success of Final Fantasy VII on the PSX, Square decided to continue riding the sci-fi train with Final Fantasy VIII. This time around the main character was Squall, a mute asshole who clumsily dealt with light flirtations from a gaggle of girls, the sexiest of which is a girl named Rinoa.

After an avalanche of angsty adventures, Rinoa appears to die in space due to dire circumstances. In a dialogue-free cinematic, Squall watches her float through space and comes to a realization that he loves her. It is a moving scene, perhaps the pinnacle of Square's CG sequences from the PSX period.

Too bad it all gets undercut by pastel colored aliens. Talk about Post Coital Fail!

Whatever somber mood the player might have felt from the previous scene is shattered by a goofy sequence in which you have to run through the Ragnarok space-station and kill identically colored aliens to solve a puzzle. I'm not suggesting that a minigame along the lines of "Tap X rapidly to make a space-grave for Rinoa" would have been better, but surely Testuya Nomura and company could have thought of something better for pacing.

What if instead of fighting rainbow aliens, the player had search around the Ragnarok and collect Rinoa's belongings to place at a memorial while somber music played? That would have been a puzzle that could have built up on emotions from the previous scene.

This isn't the only Final Fantasy Fuck Up, but it is one of the more nagging ones.

Anyone have similar moments from Final Fantasy games or RPGs in general where a serious mood was shattered by a comedic one?
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