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Archive Swamp: Bleach: Shattered Blade Review

Not much to say about this one, it's one of the first I wrote for GameFly.

Although, mainly recommended to fans of the anime; Bleach: Shattered Blade can actually be very entertaining for the uninitiated.

The controls are made up completely of Wiimote waggle but are surprisingly responsive and simple enough to pick up and play right away. A flick to the left or right equals a horizontal slash, a flick up will give you a vertical slash, and a jabbing motion will give you the ever clever stab; to do critical hits, guard breaks, and special moves use these motions with the A and B buttons respectively. A shake of the nun chuck will allow you to charge your bankai, or super meter if you will, but it charges so slowly and leaves you so open to attack that itís not a good idea to use this as your everyday battle strategy; when the meter is full you can use this motion to activate your bankai (or super mode if your not an uber shinigami) and use super moves and of course your ultimate move. Out of all this flashy damage there is one thing I always found myself wishing I had; a grab.

The battles themselves are very fast paced and the game offers up a total of 32 characters but these characters tend to mesh together a lot and often feel the same. The games overall presentation is pretty bland as if Sega was working on another fighter for Wii and decided to slap a Bleach skin over it; the loading screens donít even offer the standard fighting fare of a "XXX VS XXX!" splash screen just a picture of Ichigo and the title engraved onto stone, which will sometimes be replaced by a Robo-Orihime fighting Kon dressed up like a baby doll.

All in all the game is quite fun and should be worth a rent for any fans of fighting games, though itís simplicity is also one of itís biggest flaws; unless youíre a fan of the series the game becomes really boring after you have unlocked about half of the characters as the controls never branch out from the previously mentioned and the "exclusive" story featured in Episode Mode is pretty lame.
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