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Gaming slump over!

For the past month I would say I was in a gaming slump, it made me a sad panda. I just didn't feel like playing any of my systems I own, to me I was bored with my selection. I have beaten most of my games I own and trying to learn a 25-hit combo with Athena in KOF 03 get boring after I couldn't day for the millionth time. Then on tues it all came to a end, I finally bought a PS2 after like 5 years, and now I can play more games I haven't beaten, meaning more RPG's for me! Now I just have to hope my brother doesn't get addicted to Kingdom Hearts. So does any of you guys have good suggestion for some PS2 game, my favorite genres are RPG'S and Fighters. I picked up KOF 06 yesterday, so I know that will keep me busy for a bit.

Man I really hated being in a slump, it made me feel not part of a commmunity or something or I was losing a part of me. Plus for me I don't feel I can talk about much through the blogs since I don't have any next-gen systems at all and I am missing out on some really awesome games. Another thought I had during my slump, I wish I had a *insert new system here* to play. Hell I haven't played Portal or Bioshock yet and I keep hearing awesome things about them or hearing how great of a rpg Lost Odyessy is. Even not having next -gen systems can out someone in a slump.
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