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Archive Swamp: No More Heroes Review

Here is the start of that old stuff I promised. Kinda sorta posted with most recent first, oldest last. Maybe if you are good I will dig out the stuff I wrote while at the RvB community which I practically cringe whenever I read now because I think I was so much worse of a writer, such an idiot then heh. Enjoy. :P

An excellent action game from the twisted mind of Suda51. You take on the role of Travis Touchdown, who recently acquired a Beam Katana from an auction over the internet; he then meets this woman in a bar who convinces him that he should become the number one assassin.

The visual style is amazing, the controls are simple enough to pick up and play but take some time to master, and the Wiimote gestures are spot on. It�s nice to see someone make use of the hardware without making it a gimmicky waggle fest.

There are some issues with some small elements, nothing game breaking but enough to notice and have you yelling at your TV. The town just plain sucks, it�s more like a giant hub than anything else, a few "people" and "cars" to make it look like a real city but it just doesn�t pull it off. The buildings and various denizens of Santa Destroy can appear very blocky and N64-like; also, driving the bike around quickly loses it�s shine and just becomes a nuisance.

A number of different side missions; part time jobs, assassination gigs, a huge list of clothes to collect to customize Travis with and lots of treasure to find await you as you work your way to the top. This game will run you around 15-20 hours if you just want to rank up fast, much longer if you strive for all Gold metals and general 100% completion. Overall a very entertaining game that any Wii owner, over 17 that is, should at least play. The Wii needs more quality Mature titles like this.
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