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Hackers > Punkbuster: A Warrock Legacy

So for those of you who play any online FPS games will know, hackers are quite possibly the biggest losers on the face of the earth. Even more than that guy down by the 7/11, trying to bum smokes off people, or the creep who drives past the high school he used to go to in an attempt to show

a) he's not a loser and
b) pick up 14 year olds

At least these two examples may life outside of their parents house.


Moving right along with the rant about hackers, and my hatred for these ass-hatches that plague FPS's, let's establish a few things about the average hacker.

1) They that have so little in their life that they must hack at a video game to actually win at something in their pathetic lives.

2) They for the most part have no skillz. Game play or in RL. In fact, they mostly use crappy programs made by other fuck biscuits with no life. Apart from acting on instinct, these creatures have slim to nil for problem solving skills. Place 4 Hackers outside of a locked house and give each of them a key and even then they will probably die of exposure. Unless cannibalism begins...

3) Hackers usually are swearing, screaming, insolent little snot-nosed bastard 12-year-olds who are a ripe example of why sometimes, just sometimes, thinning out the herd should be undertaken by the herd itself. Please parents, beat your kids.

4) Hackers will stop at nothing to ruin a perfectly good game of Team Deathmatch.

You see, I play a F2P fps called Warrock. It's a wildly played game that has low system requirements and generally an ok gaming community. The weapons are fun, the maps are neat and it rates and 7 for a gaming experience. Plus it's great to play with your friends. It originally was entirely free2play and the largest issue was lag.

Then it went public, and started offering "premiums". It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Now about a year later, it is nearly impossible to enjoy a single game without a hacker joining and fucking everything up. If you play WR or have ever played a team deathmatch round and started off with a wicked spree and then halfway thru some puke decides to log on and mess with everyone elses gaming experience. And download epic, EPIC amounts of porn.

So if you don't play the game your probably thinking;

"Just quit the game," or;

"ZOMG U N00b I donT HAXXOR!1!!1!!1"

Both valid points, but the game when played without hackers is fun.

K2 software runs the game and does a great job with trying to catch and purge all the hackers they can find, but they rely on Punkbuster to take up all the slack. And it does squat. Not that it's a bad program, PB rocks at keep Call of Duty 4 games clean and many other I assume. But, for a game that boast over 1 million players and one of the best free2play games on the net, you gotta wonder why we keep getting crapped on and ignored while hackers multiply and ruin the fun for everyone else.

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