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TF Tuesdays - Last Hoorah + Soundtrack


While Ive briefly thought of the idea a few times, I think its finally time the server be decoupled from Destructoid. I thank most of you for your support up until this time, but Ive grown really sick of some people and to a lesser extent the thanklessness of continuing to provide this service to the community and getting nothing but malice in return for it. Congrads, you just cost the community its server.

Look at my FNF post last week for an example of bullshit I don't like, sorry, but I'm not going to ban or exclude someone whose done much more for the server than the majority of you based on some stupid point.

The server isn't disappearing, just not going to server this "community" any longer. Thanks to that nice 140+ steamID thread I got going too, I can throw down a bunch of bans for people that have been asshats on the server after tonight. After which Im going to purge the reserved list going forward so only the people that actually have supported the server have access to slots.

Last TFT will be tonight, 8pm cst as usual, same IP, pass is alsococks.


On a lighter note, surf is making a soundtrack for the server/TF2 and asked me to mention it, contact him if you have any song requests.
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