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Baltimore NARP!


Come play games with Dtoiders in Baltimore! Well in reality the Baltimore suburbs. Officially the NARP will be on Saturday May 17th. All are welcome to come the night before or stay through Sunday if you have a particularly long drive or just want to game for that long. I've set the entire weekend aside so feel free to be there for all three days. If you are coming on Saturday show up anytime after Noon.

I'm actually going to be posting my set up in the next week or so but I have every major system and some arcade cabs. When I post my setup if I don't have something that you want to play feel free to bring it. I figure we'll play alot of rockband, smash and other assorted multiplayer goodness. I have to assume that this being Destructoid there will be some drunken debauchery. If getting drunk isn't your thing don't worry there are a few guys coming that I know do not drink.

Shoot me a PM with your e-mail if you plan to come so I can e-mail you directions etc. Put any questions you have in the comments so I don't have to answer the same question twice.

-Screaming red face.
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