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M-A-R-S, Mars Bitches!

I've always said that if any company was going to take over the world, it would be Google hands down. But fuck taking over Earth, Google is planning to take people to the new frontier, Mars bitches, red rocks! They teamed up with Virgin to form Virgle and want to take us there! Here is their press release.

I've already signed up for the initial run of people here. All you really have to do is make a video explaining why you want to live on Mars. Personally, I want to put some babies in some space martians but that's a whole different story entirely. How awesome would it be to be one of the first humans to live on Mars??? Incredible I know but if anyone has the means and funds to do it, Google does. Below is a video of the co-founders of Google explaining things for you. Be sure to check out the site and sign up!

Also, for your enjoyment.

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