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This is important to all of us. We need to end it all. Please help kill the "Fanboy" mindset.

A repost for people who either missed it or forgot already.

What's the point of it all?

Seriously? Is it money? Can you not afford multiple consoles? Can you not appreciate good art no matter what the platform?

OH! You need to be able to shoot some nig--z.

What is this horse crap? It's 6 minutes of meandering. Compares a controller to a dildo? That's a valid point! Xbox has zero games apparently. And the games it has, have pussy soundtracks with bitch ass "Tears of War" for titles.

Chad Warden aside, what's the benefit you get out of deriding a console? Does it make your dick harder? Does it get you more pussy? More cash? Bigger rims to spin your 1" thick tires upon? A perfect 300 at the local bowling alley?

Or is it that deep down in your heart, you're jealous of which you cannot afford and this is your ONLY way to lash out?

It's the same everywhere you go. People have issues on consoles with the way a game console looks. Need I point out the fact that original consoles, ALL the way back to what basically created your hobby you currently enjoy all looked like ass.

I mean if I have to compare this to anything, I'd lose automatically because I'm judging a console's quality based on the visual aesthetic of the FUCKING SYSTEM.

And look at this shit. It's a grey boring ass box. Who'd play this? Right?

I hear these guys don't like Nintendo for some reason...


Pfft, I need a Sony platform clearly to handle my gaming needs.

One thing's for sure. Sony's never put out anything that made someone question their sexuality, that's for sure.

Ever. So, sorry if

this seems like a Sony fanboy rant, but it seems far too common in their ilk than to see with other consoles. If someone from the Dreamcast community wants to pipe up, join in on the comments. But this is really getting fucking old.

I'm drawing a line in the sand here today. I'm not a fanboy. I'm a gamer.

I'm a gamer. And you should be too.

To decry anyone's console of choice is a bigoted and stupid thing to do that makes you no better than a lot of other famous bigots.

These guys are fans of irrational ideals. I guess that makes them fanboys as well.

Tell me I'm wrong. Go on. Show up on my porch and tell me why I'm wrong. Tell me why it is that your particular console is head and shoulders better than the rest and end it all for fucks sake. Because, surely, your single opinion will shift the millions of other gamers out there with your single valid argument. It'll end millions invested in game development for multiple platforms and send millions out of a job based on your one opinion. And we're not talking about a "Shit, my shit's better because yours sucks because it's gay." No, you don't win there. And you don't win on sales figures. Your console could be the lowest selling console on the market and ANYONE that buys it and enjoys it gets to benefit from it and your argument FAILS SO FUCKING HARD that you might as well give up on your line of thought because all it does is retard and reaffirm your bigoted ideals for YOURSELF AND YOU ALONE. That person that buys that one console. He's going to enjoy things you could not dream of because your stupid, narrow minded ideal.

Good sir, I ask you today to leave Destructoid.

We are a HARDCORE GAMING COMMUNITY and we do not like your kind here. We like gamers. We do not like fanboys.

How can I qualify this any further? There's already been a mass discussion on this on this site, but maybe it needs to be brought back every once in a while to remind people why it is that Destructoid is NOT a Sony site, NOT a Microsoft site, and NOT a Nintendo site.

We play games on Destructoid.

So... if you're staying, come on in, but...


Leave your bias at the door.
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