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Not my Turning Point Gaming Rig

EDIT: Yes, it is running mac os x tiger, not leopard

I finally have the time to make one of these.

The reason I'm even bothering with this is because I desperately NEED this 5000 dollar
computer, (well, i don't NEED it, but I want it really badly considering the computer you're
about to witness)

My "gaming" laptop... notice that it is a MAC, and an Ibook G4 model. Oh and my charger
doesn't charge it beyond 60% anymore

The back of my laptop, and you can see how the screen doesnt even close right, I have
two of the rubber things to hold it in place gone, and all the scratches on it.

Believe it or not I actually DO, and CAN play games on this computer.
So, as if the physical appearance of the laptop itself wasn't enough, here are my specs:

-An incredible 37.4 GB of memory

-A lightning speed 1.33 Ghz PowerPC processor

-512 RAM (that's alright I guess)

(Oh, and I DO have a mouse, by the way, I just forgot to show it)

I love my laptop dearly, but I'm sure I could love that turning point PC a lot more :]

Considering I've had this laptop for around three-four years, plus the fact I never really
owned a computer before this one, that PC up for grabs is really tempting, and that's
mostly why i decided to join this contest

PS: Just to clear things up, I really do love my laptop, but I wish I had a better one at the
same time
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The first time I actually started playing games a lot was in third grade, when I got a Game Boy Color (I'm 14 right now) My first game was Pokemon Silver Version, and I became obsessed. I had around three hundred hours of play going on and had finished everything, the only things i did was train and collect, do the minigames, but it was still fun. Then a couple of months ago, the game crashed T-T
Right now I own a wii, a nintendo 64, and a fried Xbox (i bought it in the states, right now in israel cuz of my dad's job, and i accidentally... well you can figure it out by yourself)

I am part of the nonexistent mac gaming community if you get what i mean.


I like to play MSC online

When the fuck will i be able to get brawl??? When it doesnt cost a fucking 400 israeli sheckels (100 dollars for you guys in america)