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Impressive collections & my plans for a Console Museum!

Seen as its sunday i thought i would provide a bit of light reading for everyone who cares. Basically for a while now i have dreamed about having a console museum in my house when i finish Uni and so recently i have starte to aquire myself with some consoles. I know current ones dont count yet, but i got all 3 current gen's, i got a NES about a few months back and i currently have a Dreamcast on the way. I'm in short grasps of an Atari 2600 "woody" thats in my family and did have a commodore 64 untill it was thrown out of my old room while my dad was cleaning out *RAGE!!!*
But anyways, moving on, my main point was i wanted to share a few things i've found on the internet. I was trying to see what other ppl have got in theire so called collections and this is what i have found.

Now as we can see this guy has a majority of the popular consoles but a few of the lesser known ones, this kinda made me a little nervous when i first saw it because i thought, wow i got a lot of work to do.

Now this next one, i found in an article speculating this guy had everything in the history of gaming

Now what i show here is just a sample of the pics, ill post the link to more pics at the end. but my god just look at all those games, thats like huge and very impressive.

Tho i do have plans to have various software in my collection i will mainly focus on consoles for the first few years.
My next move is to get this atari thats in my family and then hunt ebay for my childhood favourites, the master system and the N64. a SNES will also be coming soon.
When i have a bit more of a worth collection ill post some pics for you all to see.

Link to article

Also Cocks
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