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Achivement - Driver Is Dead

So I have just got an achievement in a game. I broke every bone in my body and my driver is now dead. And that got me an achievement. Wow! What game is this, well this is Red Lynx's Trials 2 Second Edition.

A little video interlude right now to show off what Trials 2 is all about.

More videos can be seen here.

Wearing helmets certainly seems advisable. In my short testings of the trial version of Trial 2 I think I killed my drive outright twice and knocked him unconscious at least twenty times. This is the most fun I have had with a demo for...well I think ever!

This really is great fun, just letting loose and getting from A to B, or A to wherever you crash first. Simple games, when done well like this, really are the best :D

Packed full of achievements, multiple courses, online high score tracking and loads more this is one action packed, physics fuelled game. For more information head over to Red Lynx.
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