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Soul Calibur character rips off costume from Square-Enix character.

EDIT: Before you comment, look at the three winking emoticons as the bottom of this post. In case that isn't clear, that means this isn't actually an accusation, nor is it meant to be serious.

1up has posted some new screenshots from Soul Calibur IV, and I was intrigued by Amy's new outfit.

However, it looks familiar to me.

See something? Just one part of the costume?

What struck me was the neckline.

Gee, who else had an extremely low neckline, which was covered in thick, brown fur?

Okay, just one part of the outfit isn't really a ripoff, but it's still close enough. The fur looks the same (just with more advanced graphics), and they both look about to spill the goods.

I'd say someone at Namco owes someone at S-E some royalty checks. ;) ;) ;)
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