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Yahoo's 5 Reasons to Buy GTA IV

As if anyone needed more reasons to get GTA IV, more details begin to leak as the pressure builds and time itself begins to tear at the seams. Through these details, the excitement from myself piles like empty pizza boxes during this NCAA Tournament time. News of new trailers, leaked information and official information continue to grow, with even the likes of Yahoo taking a vested interest. It's not new for such a popular news source to focus on gaming, but it is something when now they are the source for new information, at least to this Mexican.

With that being said, Yahoo has dropped five reasons why to pick up the soon-to-be greatest Next-Gen game to date, and here they are, courtesy of their site:


1. iTunes Killer?
Apparently, you can listen to a song on the game, then call a number on the cell phone our character has on his person. After dialing, you get some sort of message saying that Amazon.com has now saved that song to a list for purchase from their online music store. I don't particularly care for this feature, but find it awesome that such a feature even exists.

2. If looks could kill...
The RAGE engine is all the... rage, these days. I don't know much about it, myself, but I am aware of the graphical detail the game implements in the images and trailers alone. It may not look like the Unreal Engine to my eyes, but it's obviously better than the Renderware it had.

3. Live a Little
The second favorite feature that I read, will provide players opportunities to enjoy Liberty City without having to blow shit up, kill people, or do everything that makes us secretly get out the aggression we would put to doing this for real, otherwise. I love the idea of calling up your crew to hit the bars, followed by the awesome drunk driving mini-game. I speak for a lot of us when I say I could use the practice.

4. One is the loneliest number.
Yes, YES!!! Online play, GTA style screams Halo/CoD4 online killer! I gave a Obama-esque speech at a bar one night declaring that GTA had the tools necessary to become the greatest online experience we will ever see. I only hope that your online avatar is somewhat customizable, but I won't go nuts if I'll have to choose characters ala Crackdown style. I like playing cool looking brothas anyhow. Maybe avatars looking like Carl Johnson, Tommy Versetti and that voiceless fuck will be playable, and that would be all kinds of WIN.

5. It aims to please.
I gotta be honest: I never really thought much of the aiming in the GTA series. True, it's all choppy and epileptic, but frankly I liked to be a lil erratic with my weapons, but I truly enjoyed auto homicide even more. With the rumors of the shooting system being GoW-like, how can this game not feel ever so complete? This news alone makes the online play that much more WIN.

Well, I plan on erasing my existence come April 29th, only to be resurrected for The Dark Knight later this summer. To everyone else looking forward to this game, we are all sick fucks, and much love for you all!!!
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