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Not my Turning Point gaming rig


here is my computer! yay! this thing gets used more than a las vegas hooker. i <3 it. :)
further angle:

sorry for the crap quality.. our digital cam broke so i hooked up the 3 year old webcam!
and since i was bored/ everyone else was doing it.. here is my whole room set up.. dial up beware!

Disclaimer: yes most of these posters are old i worked at the movies and got them free and i am also way too lazy to put new ones up (hence the blank spots where posters fell down) and the chick flick posters? I just like them ok!
anyways here ya go.

(the 360 is downstairs on the high def TV)

(yes this is the celing)

p.s i forgot to say i love the matrix.. and it starts with the first movie coming in my door all in order of the movies up to my computer :-D

p.p.s I know the second two movies suck.. but i had already got the posters stfu.
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