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Songs That SHOULD Be In Guitar Hero/Rock Band - Volume VII


I love Rock Band and Guitar Hero, even more so than most games I own in my collection. I just have one problem, I was brought up with a vast knowledge of music and appreciation for all types of music. Unfortunately for people like me, most rhythm games fail to include some of my favorite songs and or bands.

While I find it very cool that the game designers for both game series are trying to be all-inclusive and bring elements from modern music and music from the past together in one game, they sometimes fall flat on their face trying to meet my expectations and the expectations of people like me.

I know that I am not the only audiophile in the vast sea of Destructiod readers. There will no doubt be those of you who agree with the songs I post here, and a great deal more of you who won't agree or have never heard the songs I list. Let's get started shall we?

The Mars Volta -- Metatron

Every album that The Mars Volta makes further proves to me that the group is one of the most creative groups I have ever heard, and on The Bedlam in Goliath the group continues to blow my mind. The unbelievably intricate guitar work laced with lyrics that seem innane but are doused with more meaning that a simpleton like me can understand make this song uncommonly beautiful and awesome at the same time.

Matisyahu -- Youth

First, I can't believe that there is a Hasidic Jewish reggae singer...that's just amazing and makes me love America much more. Second, Matthew Miller is an amazing lyricist. Now with that being said, Matisyahu is one of those amazing artists that come around every once in a generation. I first got to listen to the man on his Live At Stubb's which then lead me on to the album this track is off of Youth. Nearly every song on the album is damn good, but might be a little too heavy handed with the God lovin goin on. I generally ignore the message and just listen to the man say words faster than the Micro Machine Man ever did.

Videodrone -- Power Tools for Girls

If you never heard of the group Videodrone before, I wouldn't be surprised. They were brought out under the record label started by Korn, Elementree Records, and were comprised of members of the previous group Cradle of Thorns. Power Tools for Girls features awesome guitar riffs, haunting vocals by the groups front-man Ty Elam, and an amazing bassline. Check them out sometime, they were one of my favorite bands back in 1998.

Kottonmouth Kings -- Bi-Polar

Most of the time the Kottonmouth Kings are a pretty decent punk-rap group from California that rap about weed, alot. However on a few of their albums, like they did on Hidden Stash, Vol 2: The Kreem of the Krop they decide to change things up a little bit and include actual punk tracks like this one. The song starts off strong and ends about the same way, but there is this nice slowdown in the middle with a great bassline. The guitar and drum portions are frantic enough that it would be great to play multiplayer on hard or expert just to watch how much everyone would fuck it up.

Devo - Mongoloid

Coming off of one of the greatest albums of all time Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, Mongoloid was one of Devo's first hits before they got signed by Warner Records. Every song on the album is great and Monogoloid gets my pick mainly because the fact that they're singing about a retarded person. The guitar is wicked good for late 70s rock and the lyrics of Mark Mothersbaugh (maker of the Rugrats theme) make this song totally timeless.

I know, I know, I probably didn't include the group/song that you think would be great, but give me some time, this is just another in my series of many blog posts I've been writing to post about songs I'd love to see in Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Who knows, maybe next time, your favorite song will be here. Thanks for reading.

I know that if I had Audiosurf, you'd probably never see one of these posts ever again because you can use your own music, but please keep in mind that I already know that the companies responsible for both games are looking for mainstream music, this blog just gives me a chance to expose music that I really like.
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