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I'm back!! Sorta...

So I've been out of the C-Blogging scene for the past few weeks becasue (a) crunch mode sucks and (b) I came down with a wicked case of the flu last week that had me bed ridden until about a day ago.

Anyway, I'll be updating my blog more regularly again with some cool new game stories, so be on the lookout for that.

Random stuff since I've been sick:
I met some members of the ESA yesterday that swung through our studio for whatever-the-reason. I told them that they need to get on the latest presedential candidates and find out where they stand on the whole ESRB and video game violence issue. I think we know where Hillary stands, but I'm curious to see if Barak has changed his whole "put down your gameboys and go outside" attitude and what McCain's stance is. Our "little" community has a very powerful voice, it'll be interesting to see if the ESA could convince these guys take a minute to talk to us...

Not surprised they are doing a sequel to the 50 Cent game considering it sold four fucking million units.. Once again proves that sometimes game reviews don't mean shit. Note to fellow game snobs: There are more vidiots out there than you can possibly imagine (ask a GameStop employee). For everyone one of you that says something sucks, there are 1000 people out there that went and bought it... And most of the time when we think something is really cool, there are 1000s of other gamers that don't give a shit. Shit, look at the sales #'s for Turok...

I'm in the process of pitching... Anyone got a cool ideas?

Here is a video of me looking fat on ESPN's new video game show, Game Up. Fast forward to 17:55 to hear jabba talking about the new game... And yes, Game Up's Molly K. has officially become the hottest video game journo out there.

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