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Hey Chad, here's a real Memory Card moment


So last night, I decided that I was a little too sick to work, but apparently, I wasn't too sick to go out on the town. No Russian pizza delivery guys were harmed in my evening's festivities, but the how, and the when, of how I got home along with the latter part of the evening, is a complete mystery to my memory.

Upon waking up early this morning (for reasons I can only assume to be that I passed out early last night?), I took it upon myself to have some Ramen, and do some cleaning.

What did i find? Well: I hate cleaning; I have a big ol' bump on my head, from what I don't know; and I found a PlayStation 1 Memory Card that I've had since, well, since the PlayStation 1 came out. When finding it, I put it inot my PS2 to see what game saves I still had on it, and lo and behold, there was a FF7 save on there.

Now we all know how I feel about the Final Fantasy series, and how number seven was my turning point for letting it go (I did try again with nine, but some dipshit friend of mine lost my copy of it and I never got to finish it), so I grabbed my roomies original copy from his room and loaded up my saved game.

According to the game, I'm on disc two and in the town of Mideel. I can't remember how far along in the game's narrative I am (do you?), but as you can see from the above pic, I've been playing for 38 hours.

Why is this a big deal? Well, to you it may not be, but one thing that the picture doesn't show is the last time I played the game. Shit you not, I haven't played FF7 since the game came out.

Yes, this saved game file is 11 years old, and still says Dyson. I rule.
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