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Topic of the day. SQUARE EDITION.

So, I'm reading up about Crisis Core. And I gotta admit, I'm digging the style and it looks like its turning out to be a good game in a sea of PSP crap. But my question is, is Square over the hill? For every 1 new final fantasy game, theres 5 spinoffs and 5 remakes. I understand people want to play these remakes and they sell, but what about 7, 8, 9 remakes? I'm not a huge fan of 7 I thought the gameplay was a little slow (and yet I love 8 go figure) but the story was very very good, and I gotta ask why haven't they announced a 7 remake? They want money, and you want 7 with new graphics. Why isn't this announced and being made?

At this point, its not really a question of if, but when. I'm thinking 2010 we will have a remake of 7 (on the ps3) but I dunno I could be really off.

So who else is buying Crisis Core?
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