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Scrabble and I

Right now I am naked and I have to admit it is mortifying and undignified I should probably elaborate since what I actually mean is not nearly as inappropriate as what your perverse imaginations have just conjured up and also because it would probably make for an even shittier blog post if I left it there.
The nakedness Im referring to is a description of my current video game deprived state, due to a series of events beyond my control I am now living with my grandparents and cousins in a frightfully secluded part of London. If ever there was a realisation of Silent Hill this would be it, during the day the trees interlock and block all sunlight in what feels like a deliberate scheme to disorientate and demoralise the inhabitants of Silent Hill London thereby reducing any chance of resistance during the inevitable foliage rebellion. During the night an omnipresent fog torments the town like the black-smoke from Lost, apprantly during the episodes it isn't needed to keep fans from loosing faith it likes to dress up like the white variety of fog and harass the inhabitants of small towns in London.
Forced to leave my beloved 360, PS3 and Wii at home I am now subsisting on a diet of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP and Pokemon for the DS, and since Im pretty much done with Tactics and reached the human limit for Pokemon I have nothing left to tide me over until this ordeal is overor so I thought.

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