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OK, My NEW Feature. The ULTIMATE review system. ULTIVIEW!!!!! NEWWWWWWW


Hello, after my recess of Cblogging, I have decided that I have developed the best review system EVARRRRRR its called ULTIVIEW.

This is how it works:
the review is based on first play experience,
how long i play first time,
if i come back(and how long it take if i do).
how much fun i had,
was i like WOW or HOLY SHIT while playing,
if i liked the graphics.
and the point system. ( something cool = +1, something bad = -1, i will count while playing.)
If i complete the game the score is totally boosted.

this may sound very stupid but now you wont have to read wall of text review. i will give my opinion on every topic and explain in short why. and my conclusion.

and these reviews will be of all consoles i have and not always new games.

the first game on my agenda is going to be: MAKEN X japanese version(just got it.)
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Hi, my name is Maxwell.
I love the following things: football, football(yes I did type it twice. football is not called soccer), games, spicy food, noodles, and wearing sunglasses.

The games that are on top of my list are: Metal Gear Solid (all four are great), the first two Syphon Filter, Pro Evo Soccer, Final Fantasy (9 in particulair), Gran Turismo, Forza 2, king of fighters 98, Star Fox, Spyro(yes the dragon), Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, and many more.

At the moment I can't play games that are not shoot 'm up. I don't know why this is but these are the only games that excite me at the moment. Games like: Ikaruga, Mars Matrix, DoDonPachi, Thunder Force, and R-Type.

the games im playing now: ikaruga, FF V, maken x (jap), dodonpachi.
I own alot of consoles: sega dreamcast, megadrive, saturn, ps2, ps1, snes, nes, n64, and a arcade machine.

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