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When I first picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance, it felt like a dinner you had one night. There were no afterthoughts, but some of your friends made fun of you later on. I felt that after the first time I played it, but giving it another try; it actually feels like your rekindling a flame. Maybe it was someone you haven't talked to in years; and they give you a warm hug.

There are very few times that games like this, ever give me a feeling of satisfaction for trying.
To be honest, there are very few superhero related rpg titles that go this far a distance. From interaction, to unlocking abilities to engage in the word "teamwork".

Far and few between, does the word "teamwork" actually come into play. Unless you're playing a lead character managing stats, abilities, functions, and timed attacks. But what if you could push it further?

I remember watching some friends play Xmen Legends I&II. I wasn't engrossed with the two stories because they felt like they were missing something. And MUA actually has more to offer than Legends tried to deliver. If its not functionality, its the balance of the gameplay.

Other traditional rpgs have done the "team based control" mechanism for years. Yet can't quite escape the "main hero" territory. Just picture if someone changed the roster, the team's design would change by a few numbers. Would it be structure? or trainwreck? It all depends on how you play.

To be honest, I've been playing on & off experimenting with a bit of the characters available. There are many, many teams you can come up with. Experiment, and you may find something fun & engaging for quite awhile. *I haven't really dove into online play.. because I'm not really sure of myself. I may give it a try sometime.

What are some rpg titles would you like to see try a "create your own team"?
And what games would you want to see come back?
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