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Long Overdue :: A Thank You!


Alright! So this post is long overdue, as I had actually gotten the package over a week ago. I was just saving it until I got a frame for the amazing poster that showed up at my house. I really appreciate the amount of awesome that got sent my way, Ron.

In my giant tube, triangle, box thing I received a Cashwh0re shirt, a signed Call of Duty 4 poster, Guitar Hero III posters and some Guitar Hero III stickers. This totally made my day, and I now have my poster hanging above my kitchen table.

So without further ado, here are pictures of my awesome goodies!

So thanks again, Ron! It's really appreciated!

P.S. to Everyone:: The Lala and Lolo hats are still up for sale on my Etsy store, so if you'd like to give this pair of hats a home you can see them here!
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