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My brawl rules from this day forth.

I read a recent post by a guy named Cutie Honey (link here) and I recently changed the rule set for my house, and the tourneys I run. Heres the basic rule set.

4 stock limit
8 min time
Smash Balls ON (I'll explain why)
and only certain stages (I don't feel like finding the real names for each, so basically its like Corneria, Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, Final D, Battlefield, and so on)

So I've come to the conclusion that Smash Balls are great, and heres why. When Sakurai made this game, he came up with a different smash for each character. It's become obvious to me, that when he was tweaking stats, defenses, moves, these final smashes HAD to have come into conclusion when balancing each and every character. This stands true for characters like Meta-knight who has a great speed, low damage, great skills, great recovery, mediocre smash. And you com-pair to other characters its apparent these smashes should be used in tourney play. Now someone will say, items suck, no tourney should use them. And I AGREE ITEMS to me should not be used, BUT Smash Balls is not a 1 pickup item, you have to HIT the ball, multiple times and even then you can lose it if your adversary hits you hard enough to knock it out.

These final smashes I hope will play an intricate part of official Brawl tournies and should effect the tier list considerably. Brawl SHOULD have some random because thats how this game is balanced and created. And after putting in over 60 hours of brawl already this really is the most fun I've had. I hope MLG and whoever looks at the Smash Balls and says hey, Sakurai balanced characters around their final smashes, so for us NOT to use them would purposely unbalance the game worse then it might already be. Comment what you think, if you disagree tell me why I want some discussion on this.[url]
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