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The unboxing video we have all been waiting for!!!!

OMG this is seriously the best unboxing video i have ever seen.

Lawl i joke, but all joking aside this lead me onto a little pondering session. Why do we post and search for unboxing videos. Most of us here do it even if you don't want to admit it but you do. So why? whats the big fascination with watching some n00b showing off infront of the camera while the git unboxes his new toy that you dont have yet. Well you would be stupid to watch an unboxing video of a product you already own.

Now in same rare cases the person doing the unboxing might give a little bit of a review of the product a few quick first impressions. But most of the time its just someone rambling as they pathetically stab a box with a leatherman.

I can also see in the case that sometimes you may not know what your gonna get in the box when you buy your new product so you like to watch a video or two to find out exactly what your getting.
But seriously, why dont you just go and buy the damn thing and find out yourself.

Also Cocks!
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