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Nice, small and affordable laptops spawned interest for (not so) old PC games

I am about to buy an Asus eee pc 4G surf galaxy black. This computer and some others that are extra light, extra small and affordable are quite nice. U know, I'd like to have a MacBook Air or a Sony Vaio-baby at the first place, sitting on my laps while i am waiting for the train or Studying in my favorite Desk in library using WiFi to connect to the internet. The problem is that... i don't have that much money and MACs in Greece have worse service policy than Microsoft Hellas. I mean.. it's THAT bad...

Anyway, the choice has been made. I Ordered my Asus eeepc and just for curiosity I wanted to see how far they have pushed this little piece of Software into playing games.

Since the older games of DosBox and Windows won't have any problem to run to this little machine I tried to figure out what and how someone could play 3D games and other gaming stuff. So, after a good Google search i found the unofficial ee user community .

The guys there have an incredibly alive forum and a Wiki for their favorite little machine. And yes, they constantly try to run games in it, Either from Win XP or Linux using Wine. The number of games that they are confirmed to run in a playable framerate is quite big including some older games we used to love four or five years later. A general list of games can be found on their Wiki Just to get an idea on how the game run in eee but as the time passes more games get to work with the one or another way. I got pretty impressed when i found that they managed to run Oblivion and Morrowind as well as World of Warcraft and Fantasy Star.

I guess the framerates and level of detail are in the lowest possible but that's not the point.

The older PC games are back and in hyper portable, super affordable form.
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Hey! I'm a 24 years old man and I'm living in Greece. Video games aren't banned in Greece.

Here's another update to my blog description.
Hi, I'm Marioland and I'm a gamer for a long long time. Greece sucks in general. I'm still practically unemployed. We have a VAT rate at 24% for everything except milk and the cost of living vs the salaries are so unequal, that it is needed to have two jobs in order to run your own house. We are the generation that grew up and stays in parents' basements.

My angst for the lame gamers in Greece is now silenced. Everybody plays as they want. I don't care. I have enough friends to play with so, random matches are a stranger to me.

Younger gamers still can't afford to READ the solution for a game. Let alone play it themselves.

And, yeah. Somehow I feel happy. Also, I kinda like gaming on iDevices, as long as it's not an iPhone.

I am growing old to the gaming journalism, but I still count my self as a newcomer. I contribute to a greek gaming site called Game 2.0 where I post news, reviews and editorials. It's all in Greek so, it will be kinda Greek to you.
I still believe that gaming journalism is a harsh place. Everything you do gets a lot of negative attention (that's kinda good in a cynical point of view). But, now I know more of the people in other sites, I could see that some of them are actually good people.

Anyways, I own a DSi, a PSP, an Xbox 360, a Wii and an iPod Touch 4G 32GB. Feel free to ask me for friendship on these platforms. It would be nice to get my ass handed to me by someone from Dtoid.

Keep Gaming!

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