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Ubisoft says they have plans that relate closely to EA's stupid plans.

Geez, that title was long.

I forgot a sequel to my favorite games of 2006 (yes, even more than Gears of War) came out this week. (It's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.). I wanted to check out the reviews first and see if it's worthy of being slapped on the Best Buy card until next week's paycheck. Apparently I can wait on it since it seems to be a rehashed game with nothing really new. But when reading around on IGN's website, I discovered the greatest news story ever. Well, this is worthy of a evar. [url]http://pc.ign.com/articles/861/861123p1.html]Tom Clancy and Ubisoft are going to release an MMO![/url] Now, if that doesn't strike you as retarded, then you're retarded as well. MMO is pretty much a way game developers take your money and rip you off with boring, repetitive gameplay. This doesn't surprise me. People waste money on maps and spending incredible amounts of money on crap on the Live Marketplace/PSN, or spending $50 on Wii points to buy games you can play on an arcade website. This is just what we needed though: another MMO.

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