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Why Dr Pepper is great and Chrono trigger


Does your Soda have 23 Flavors FUCK NO IT DOESN'T so thats why Dr Pepper fucking rapes Coke, Deepthroats(please read my edit underneath) Pepsi, and shits all over you're favorite drink.

ok on a different note, I still have my Chrono trigger with Factory Shrink still nice and tidy and I need money anyone want a near Perfect Chrono trigger?

Edit: The reason I threw Deepthroats in there is because I'm annoyed at how every time I try to get a Dr. Pepper from a Restaurant they say sorry, We don't carry Pepsi Products.

Heres the wiki site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr_Pepper/Seven_Up at this current time it is neither owned by Pepsi nor Coke. And it pisses me off Dr. pepper "deepthroats" the Pepsi brand as Its almost fucking impossible to get a Dr P in a coke "establishment." Now that I think about it, last time I got a DP from a restaurant was McDonalds which subsequently has Coke, odd.
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