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[Audiosurf Contest] W4 Close To An End. UPDATE: W4 Winner!


Those who don't know anything this contest, please look at the rules and info.

Just a reminder that time is almost up to post your score pic for this week's song over here.

This week has been very low on entries, maybe people hate Pointman Elite? Maybe they're on vacations? I don't know, but I'll be announcing the winner of this week later tonight. K2, who's currently on the lead had this to say about his score:

"Seriously? That run was absolutely horrible. Somebody please hurry up and beat that score."

Random Audiosurf Stuff

-Deleting and Reinstalling Audiosurf fixed the lag for me ^_^.

-No only that, but I can even play with better graphical options that I could before.

-Free time thanks to vacations has led me to play other more time consuming games so that's why there really isn't a lot of AS thing in this section.


This week's winner is Timepants!!! I already added you to steam, now you have to tell me through there, pm, gtalk or IRC if you want to redeem your point or keep it in play trying to accumulate more :)

Homeybeef (Timepants) 65,644
Jokerr (Jonathan Kerr) 61,240
K2 32,069
Sleepingagain 6, 206

Looks like this week really wasn't popular =P. I wonder what will happen with next one...
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