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Euro FNF - This Time, With More New Zealand!


So, with Wardrox being whisked away due to some unknown emergency, nobody is left to host Euro FNF this week. Well, I'll step up, and even though I'm no Euro, I think I can handle it... maybe. There is however, a chance that A) Wardrox will somehow be back or B) Has already got someone to do this shit, in which case, totally ignore this post.

Anyway, I have no idea what we're going to be playing, and I only have CoD4s, Haloz and my shiny new Rainbow Six Vegas 2 to play, so if I'm going to be host, then it's between them. Post what you want in the comments, and majority rules. If anyone wants to play something else, feel free to post in here, with the fact you'd like to host it, and I'll add it into this post.

So, games will start at 10PM GMT (I think that's normal) and run till late. If you want in, post your gamertag here, or send me a message over Xbox Live after 10PM, my gamertag is MaccaHacker.
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