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Loss of Gaming Drive: Does it happen to everyone?

I remember a time when I was able to "play the hell out of a game". For example, not only did I get all the endings in Chrono Trigger but I played the game til I maxed out everyones Speed, Magic, and Power with the proper tabs. I would play the Kings Quest games over and over to try to get the max points. I would give myself goals in games such as Rock N Roll Racing where I made myself stick with the starter car to beat the game.

Now things have seemed to change. Playing a game through more than once nearly kills me of boredom. Unless something has a special unlockable or multiple endings (not crappy ones like Bioshock) I usually play a game through once, possibly skipping over some missions and items and then putting the game away for good.

Persona 3 for example. Fantastic game but I could only play through it once. I could go back and get all the persona, go through the "hard" doors in Tartarus, beat all the quests, and max out all my social links. But just the simple thought of doing so just bores me. I can't think of any reason to play it again when I am just going to get the same ending as before.

When I was younger I was able to create little intrinsic goals for myself and now I need something physical (in game terms I guess) to keep me playing a game if it isn't a sports game or a multiplayer one.

Does this happen with anyone else? And if so is it a maturity thing or just simply "Gaming" yourself out?
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