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Toy Tuesday On Wednesday - Rise From Your Grave.


Toy Tuesday is back! Sorry for my month long absence. Been super busy and resizing images takes a looooonnnggg time on my shit PC. It wouldn't be Toy Tuesday if didn't get published on Wednesday......or Thursday.

One of things keeping me really busy was spending a week in New York for Toy Fair. The title image is me showing off one my company's Halo Items to the guys at Action-Figure.com. No I wasn't blinking due to the flash. I was actually sleeping standing up. You guys should check out our Halo and Nintendo galleries. Shit you can check out our entire 2008 line if you want.

Enough schilling of my company's shit. On to the cool stuff! Now you might think that since I haven't made a post in so long that I'd have an epic gallery with an awesome toy. Well you are half right. The toy is awesome but the gallery is far from epic. I recently got a plush of The Fool from Magical Drop 3 and I just had to show it off. (There are only so many pictures you can take of a plush.)

Youtube video of The Fool in action. Just in case you haven't played the greatest puzzle series of all time.

Awwwwww he's sooooo cute!!!

All I've got for this week. Check out the previous posts below.

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