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Bully: Scholarship Edition (360): Impressions

A few months ago, a good friend of mine was raving about how fun Bully was on the PS2. Recently, I had a decent amount of store credit at Gamestop and decided to use it towards the recent port for the 360: Bully: Scholarship Edition. To my surprise, I actually found the game more fun than Grand Theft Auto, yet it still had some similar problems.

Part of what made Bully appealing is the private school setting, which is something I can relate to more than the Miami Vice vibe of GTA: Vice City or the hard-core gangsta vibe of GTA: San Andreas. While the classes in the game are minigames, they are a fun little diversion and the missions in Bully manage to be varied, even though they are mostly on foot.

I've only just started on Chapter 3 of the game, but like the melee combat system. The structure of having different Chapters focus on different cliques you need to do missions for (the nerds, the preps, the greasers, etc) is interesting, but makes things somewhat linear. I wish you could tell which missions are central to advancing the plot and which are just side missions.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the game is the music, which frequently changes. You don't have radio stations to listen to, but the score will switch from dorky to pretentious depending on which group of students are trying to beat you up. Every character seems to be a huge stereotype, although the Gary makes a fun bad guy with all his taunting.

I haven't experienced any of the myriad problems on the 360 yet, although the opening cinematic had choppy visuals. I purchased my 360 fairly recently and the majority of problems seem to be more common on older 360's. Rockstar has said they are working on a patch, but no patch has been released thus far.

Anyone else play this game (or the older PS2 or Wii versions)?
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