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Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘routine’ person I have to admit I do have a morning routine, it actually starts just before I go to bed when I set my alarm to go off 2 hours before I have to get up, that way I can trick myself into thinking I’ve slept for an extra two hours – you’d think that It wouldn’t work after the first time but my intelligence and consciousness are minimal in the morning.
After dragging my lazy ass out of my bed I stretch, walk over to my consoles, wipe off the dust that has accumulated on my 360 and PS3 then scream “WHERES MY DAMN INNOVATION YOU STUPID WHITE MACHINE” at my Wii.

Yes, I’m a little disappointed with my Wii, and frighteningly my unconditional love for all things Nintendo is beginning to buckle under the collective might of all the sub-par Wii games. Although I loved Mario Galaxy and Metroid and am looking forward to Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart the quality of third party titles is underwhelming to say the least.
Each Nintendo console for the last few years has gone through same motions, they all sell well, the usual first party Nintendo titles come out alongside a number of third party titles but then developers start turning their backs on the console in favour of the competition and eventually Nintendo’s home console gets kicked off the stage.
This time I’m a little more optimistic since I’ve been told repeatedly that the Wii is innovative to the point that I’ve been classically condition to scream ‘NINTENDO! IS! INNOVATION!’ at every mention of the Wii – it’s like Pavlovian tourrets.
Even though the immortal pessimist in me keeps waving the Eyetoy around I can usually subdue him by telling myself that this is a console built entirely around motion control as opposed to a peripheral, eventually developers will figure out new and exciting ways to implement the Wii motion controls and even if they can’t figure out new ways to use it simply refining the controls to work well with existing gameplay mechanics or genres is more than enough, for example Wiisis – behold;

The biggest problem Nintendo faces is itself, if it plays it safe and just focuses on shoehorning the Wiimote controls onto the usual batch of first party titles it’s going to run out of titles, the controls will be far from innovative and people will opt to use the Gamecube controller.
I really hope that Nintendo create some new IP’s that take advantage of what the Wii has to offer. So far I feel a little left out as a gamer – those damn casual gamers are stealing my Nintendo away from me.

So I thought I’d see if you guys have any good Ideas on how to use the Wiimote and Nunchuck, as video game enthusiasts we occasionally have the desire to make our own game, well imagine that the Wii was the only console in existence and you are a developer tasked with creating a game that uses the Nintendo’s unique controller.
I’ll get the ball rolling with something dangerous...Martial Arts Training, grab your Wiimote and Nunchuk and follow the on screen tutorials to learn your selected martial arts weapon of choice, complete the exercises and soon you’ll be able to use a real Nunchaku, once you have mastered the Nunchaku you can purchase peripherals such as the Bo Staff and expand your weapons expertise – soon you’ll be a killing machine, all thanks to the Nintendo Wii.

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