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Importing for PS2?

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. La Pucelle Tactics. Phantom Brave. Final Fantasy Tactics. Dark Forces.

Why am i listing games? They are the NTSC games i own for the PS2 (and PS1 with the last two), and i've never played them. NEVER.

Couple that with the fact i want to get Persona 3 special edition, and FES, it's made me realise i want (need) a US PS2.

The problem is, in the UK, modchipping and the like has been hushed up. Now it's done out the back of moving vans by people sporting eyepatches and a soldering iron in replace of a hand. Scary bunch. So yeah i'm at loss. However there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Next month i'm heading to the US of A's. This means the land of US pricing (which is beautiful compared to the crap they slap on us in the UK), and NTSC consoles i can play NTSC games on. Yay me! But what about the future? This is what i've thought about recently... do the US PS3's still have hardware backwards compatibility? Should i drag a US PS3 back with me instead of a PS2?


Is there any other (easy to use, i'm not a solder king, i'm more likely to solder my fingers to the board than anything else) way of getting import games to play on the PS3? I don't seem to see swapmagic anymore for sale.
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