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Not happy with our Condemned 2 review? Here's Cliffy B's take ...

With over 200 comments, Anthony's review of Condemned 2 has cause quite a stir on this here Internets. Flat out, I don't agree with Anthony's score, which I believe was overly harsh (even keeping our scale in mind) and doesn't do enough to take into account what the game does right (for fans of the genre and original, particularly). But at the end of the day it's his review and opinion, which was (as usual) well written and that's that, really.

I've been enjoying the game, glaring flaws and all, although I have to admit I haven't really advanced far enough through the game to form a final opinion. Epic's Cliffy B apparently has, and he had this to say about the game over on the NeoGAF forums:

"Figure I'm about halfway through and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

The forensic elements are better implemented this time around. Right from the get-go they seemed to understand that the CSI fun worked when there was a gag - following a trail while someone may jump out at me (quick, switch back to the pipe!) or "Holy shit he's not really dead!" I haven't made the proper connection as to how my detective work might change the game. It simply seems like a point based thing. Still, it's not overused and it proves to be a nice break from the killing.

With the exception of one part (the Lodge) it seems like guns are as rare as ever in the universe which I've always loved. Every bullet is precious in this world and it really makes you sweat. Speaking of the Lodge level the opening bit, while a simple chase sequence, is one of the better gaming moments I've had in a good long while. Great monster foreplay that resulted in a heck of a panicked couple of minutes.

Melee is better as well - you can actually block this time around. Short button press minigames feel brutal and satisfying. Grabbing a DBNO foe and carrying him to a "kill point" is cool in theory but nine times out of ten I accidentally hit him again finishing him off. The one part of the doll factory where you're fighting the crazy lollipop girl make sure you knock her down and carry her to the compressor machine. You jam her head into it while she's giggling and crank it down and ... well, it's just horrible.

Story is a bit muddy and confusing at times. It's been over two years since the first and I can't entirely recall who this guy was or what happened and the game seems to expect me to just remember. They lean on the "dream sequence/static blurry shit" overlay effects a bit much in some parts to the point whereas it's pretty frustrating. (BTW I'm mad at myself for enjoying the "adjust the TV/radio antennae to hear story nuggets" minigame so much.)

I'm not really scared by the game much this time around. Maybe my tastes have grown up a bit or maybe things just aren't as effective this time. It's hard to say.

Anyways, if you like this sort of game at all you owe it to yourself to give it a go."
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