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Where have all the cool toys gone?

Doesn't anyone make cool toys anymore? I remember toys that were
dangerous to play with and provided ample opportunity for you to injure yourself even while
opperating the thing the proper way.

Such designs have been rooted out and cast aside as not profitable
and too risky to continue making out of fear of retribution in the form of lawsuits. But lets
face the facts a lot of those toys were fun to play with, fun to play with and fun to learn from.

If you saw another kid hurt himself by blowing off part of
his finger with a blackcat during the Fourth of July then you're bound to have learned
something from that experience. With user friendly toys in abundance there are sure to be
loads of fun waiting, but few chances to experiece that rarest form of exhileration, the
knowledge that you were playing with something that at a moments notice could injure and
possible mame you.

I guess its really a trade off, fun for safety. But is true fun inherantly
unsafe? I think it doesn't have to be and thats really what the problem is. It doesn't have to
be. That fact has lead to the elimination of unsafe fun.

I think that if you're smart enough to know how to stay safe you should be
able play with whatever toy you want to.

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