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Welcome to Dtoid, now... GTFO!

An survivalguide for destructoid:

Well I've been a dtoid regular for about a year now, finally got the nerve to get me an account a few months ago to post a little something in my blog...

However lately there seems to be a steady stream of newcomers to our beloved community that just doesn't seem to get it... ( I blame the sweet contests and stuff but we can't really go without those because they're sweet and all! )

So let me give you a little introduction to dtoid from the eyes of a rather freshly active member...

1. We are a friendly and nice community, if you follow the rules!

there aren't many rules, and they are easy to follow, yet we see nothing but FAIL all around...

Lets start of with the basics, the forums:
<= If you have not read these, do it NOW!

As said, there is massive fail to be seen regarding even the simplest of these rules,
like this post by Robin1:
Looking for a Game Copy Software

Then there is another piece of text that is vital to your survival here at dtoid:

Yet there are scores of examples where these simple instructions fail to register, like this simple example by ELITE:

but If you do it right:
Meeting and Greeting
A noob draws near!

note that these are just some random examples I've taken from this weeks activities :-)

But now onto a far more serious point... The Dtoid Reviews and how they should be dealt with.
I specifically mention this because lately with the new influx of users, review-comments have become nothing more then a recurring debate about gaming-journalism and about how dtoid should give up its 1-10 rating system in favour of the 7-10-rating system handled by other websites. What I notice most about these 'discussions' *cough*flamewars*cough* is that the people who rant the most about the ratings are the people who are relatively new, as a clear example I'll take the review of Condemed 2 by Rev Anthony. ( keeping in my spirit of using current examples )

The Dreaded Review

In the comments there are a few quite vocal people who are questioning the Dtoid-review-system, even though it is clearly explained in our dearest Manifesto:
About Destructoid
with a handy guide provided by Linde:
Destructoid Reviews: The Official Guide video game

the funny thing is, almost none of these people have contributed anything of significance to our community, most of them don't even have friends in their friendslists...

a few examples:

Seems a little juvenile of a review... like saying no movie is great without killer robot zombies...could have everything else and be the greatest piece of prose ever...but without zombies that are robotic, it's pure trash.

I think you need to replay the first game and rethink where you mind is supposed to be when playing this franchise.

by Woocifer



81/100 on average thus far, this 'review' is a joke.



Hold on fellas. This is an opinion that can't be challenged. Don't disagree. Don't voice anything other than "that was well written". Bloodshot is NOT perfect, but I'll be damned if it isn't an 8.5. This is throwing out a low score simply for the reaction it will stir, nothing more. By all means, you are entitled to your opinion. But absurd is absurd. Like Patapon's 6.5 and Lost Odessy 9. LOL. Just typing the scores given by Destructoid make me laugh. Jesus Christ.
by Thuper Hardcore

I took out the more 'sensible' sounding ones, leaving the flamebait for what it is...

Seriously People We all welcome you to our website, the more the merier!

but please follow our first and foremost rule!


now, have a great time blogging!

I'm off to bed!

Oops kinda realised that in all my hastiness, I didn't really put forth a decent point...

My point is, new users are great, new ideas are great, it gives us something fresh to read, but please don't try to change the stuff that we're fucking proud of :-)

the dtoid rating-system is brilliant, at least the difference in games isn't measured by 0.1 difference...

PS: sorry for the lack of pictures, but its 8:30 am here and I've been on nightshift untill 6am, didn't feel like photoshopping :p
PPS: seriously all newcomers are welcome, just don't suck!
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