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Thanks Destructoid!

So now it's my time to put in my two cents as Destructoid enters the terrible twos.

Currently, I live in Northern California, but what some of you might not know is that last year I lived in London. Far from home and dealing with the general dickery of the big city, I was hopelessly floundering about. Anything to make me feel normal was a godsend.

And that was Destructoid! One day in April last year, I finally signed on and picked my avatar (which has a story and is related to games....in a round-a-bout way), and I posted my first of nearly 2000 comments. I think it was related to something Nex posted, and I was being a dick, and then I felt bad, but Nex was cool.

That began a dedication to the site that resulted in hundreds of hours of hitting F5. Seriously, I spend more time on this website than actually playing games. And I'm not the only one, too.

Anyway, here I am saying happy birthday and many more to Destructoid. Any web site that invites it's community members to media events, hosts free parties, and generally holds their community members in esteem deserves credit and more. Thanks for everything, Destructoid!

When robots rule!

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