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The Spiderwick Chronicles for EVERY SYSTEM IMAGINABLE, INCLUDING COLECO is Niero's birthday present @ Amazon today


I was kind of hoping there'd be a pretty rad deal today to coincide with Niero's birthday -- I didn't think it was out of the question. With so much love spilling out of Dtoid today, it's like we're all watching Sleepless in Seattle, wearing pajamas and eating out of giant tubs of ice cream -- don't forget the crying. Unfortunately, the tears in this post are tears of shame and disappointment, which I'm sure I could collect 40 gallons of from my parents, but that's another story altogether.

To wish our dear Niero a happy birthday, Amazon is raising a glass of their finest Night Train and following it with a punch to the genitals. You want The Spiderwick Chronicles? No, you don't, but if you're feeling retardo from that Night Train you can snatch up a copy for pretty much every system out there. Ready? Poison picking time.

Wii - $25
DS - $14.99
360 - $25
PS2 - $19.99

All joking aside, I want to thank Niero and co. for giving us all a place where we can have a voice, albeit most of the time that voice shouts "FAIL," but who's keeping notes? You in the corner, stop. Much love; keep the train rolling.
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