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Topic of the day #2

Alright, so here we are again, topic of the day. Yes topic one was a bad question per sorts and I apologize so here I am again ready to make amands with a new topic. What were your top three games from 2007? (I was going to make it top game but then I realised I couldn't even pick my favorite so I decided on three)

And what were you least 3 favorite?

1.Puzzle Quest(my favorite RPG of all time? Maybe, but this and Mass Effect were by far my favorite experences)
2.Mass Effect(Lesbian sex need I say more? My finacee throughly loved this scene)
3.Skate (I'ved hated Tony hawk games for a long time so this game really brought back a lot of fond memories and overall was very enjoyable.)

Honorable Mention
Half Life Orange Box (best deal for a video game ever? Most likely, every game in this pack is straight out A+)

1.Soldier of Fortune Payback (terrible online I played the ps3 version, bad storyline, not much going for this game at all)
2.Lair(biggest dissapointment of 2007? I'll leave that to Assassins Creed* but still horrible)
3.Halo 3(not a bad game, but this game did disapoint, I loved Halo 1 and was hoping it would go back more to those roots then the more run and gun style of Halo 2. Still a good game but a disapoint none the less.)

*Assassins Creed is a very fine game, but personally I follwed this game sense E3 when it was orginally announced and couldn't wait for this game. The game is good, but repetitive and needed some more work, like I said average game, but I was hoping for the next coming of Jesus with this game. So I pretty much gave it expectations it could never live up to unfortnally.
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