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Talking with Tazar: The Richard Gere of Latter Day Saints


Welcome to episode 2 in my continuing "Talking with Tazar" series. In the pilot episode, we explored mankind's natural balance of humor through mispronunciation. In today's episode, we look at nature and its many mysteries.

D: I think I'm gonna go read a book

Tazar: wat book? is it are you there god its me doris?

D: Day by Day Armageddon

Tazar: ah

D: I didn't read the book you mentioned, but this morning I finished my rough manuscript for, "Are You There God? It's me Tazar and I have fire ants in my rectum."

Tazar: harsh

D: you're the one with fire ants in your rectum. you'd know best

Tazar: marge yr breaking my haart :*(

D: I still love you. maybe one day santa will bring you a fire ant eater

Tazar: to eat ants in my rectum. god damn who do you think i am richard gere?

D: it all sounds so saucy. you're this gen's richard gere

Goodnight, Destructoid. Stay slippery.
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