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I Drink Your Captain Crunch Milkshake (NVGR)!

So I was trudging through a brief rainstorm in Portland, OR on Friday and decided to hop inside of a Carl's Jr. to wait it out for a bit. A new item on their menu beckoned me with its strangeness: the Captain Crunch Milkshake.

As I was slurping it down on the walk home, one thing stood out: this Milkshake tastes has very little Captain Crunch bits in it. They blend some Captain Crunch cereal in with a vanilla milkshake, so it pulverizes most of the tiny crunches, but the shake still tastes like vanilla. Perhaps Captain Crunch tastes similar to vanilla when mixed up, but if a shake has the face of Captain Crunch plastered on its advertisement, shouldn't it taste like the Captain?

Maybe a Crunch Berry shake would be more disgusting, but this Captain Crunch milkshake was mediocre at best and slightly terrible at worst. Don't drink this Captain's milkshake!

Anyone else try this or other weird fast food items?
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