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SSBB Stage Creator Limited, Imagination Isn't, Smashes head into sidewalk.

Unless there is extra shit you can unlock for the stage creator, I find it extremely limited. There are probably less than 40 items you can use to build the stage. And its all very basic, too. Plus you can't use the wii pointer to grab and move stuff, which I thought would've been useful. You can't shrink or enlarge stuff. Plus only 4 backgrounds. I'm happy about the music selection, though.

It was nice of them to provide me with a piece of paper, but they could've have included a pencil to draw with. Its not like I'm going to draw a bunch of expanding dicks. They give me a clean slate and say "alright, heres a latter, some moving platforms, some spikes that only point up, a solid floor, floors you can jump and fall through, a tree and a stack of rocks. Don't put anything close together, and don't do anything creative. Thats our job." When I first heard of the stage creator my mind started going wild.

But, I may be wrong, because there is so much shit in that game you can unlock that there may be way more to it. I really hope so, anyway.

I wish map makers were more deep. Halo's isn't bad at all, but I wish I could alter the terrain. Farcry for the Xbox had my favorite map maker. You can start from scratch and rig shit, do almost anything you want. Make multiple islands, super tall mounts, death-pits, camps, stuff like that. Your imagination was allowed to go wild. Too bad I didn't have anybody to play with.

A more in-depth map maker would have made SSBB perfect. I'm not going to bitch about online play. I don't have the energy.

What do you guys think? Were you severely disappointed in the stage creator? Do you think I am stating a valid point or just nitpicking? They could've not even included the stage creator, then I would have pretty much nothing to bitch about.

Oh, here is my nitpick (coming from an MGS fan), they should have made Grey Fox a playable character instead of an assist trophy.
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