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Friday Night Fights 33 : New Layout, Same Cocks


***If you have a good connection and you're willing to host for FNF, let us know!
We urgently need extra hosts sooner than later. Thanks!

Well this week certainly has flown by.

What a busy week it's been though! Not for work, I mean gaming of course! With so many
new releases, and much needed DLC arriving, will we ever put down our controllers again? Not till we're done with tonight, I hope!

This week is not only the debut of the new layout (many thanks to those who contributed below), but also Smash Bros. for FNF! That's right Dtoiders, there's a full list of you guys who wanted to play, so here they are. About the list : This is a temporary list until I can get the FNF website rolling along, and many many more of you will be added next week. If we missed you, just let us know in the comments! Tell us which handles you want shown to the Destructoid Community.

After all, this is what it's all about, right? The community finding each other and playing games. Hopefully this will be your strongest tool in that effort. Don't forget about all
these wonderful FNF posts as well! The PS3 crew will take you back in time, and if you're early enough, you'll run into the EURO crowd. Dexter "Mr. Nerdcore" 345 has been hosting ThurDSays, and it's sure to be a blast. Just make sure you own Mario Kart for those slow days!

Game on Destructoid!

I almost had nothing to do with the new FNF layout. Truthfully I just made the table for you guys so all dtoiders can be connected and find each other easier. This weeks thanks goes out to WTF Joel for his awesome photoshop skills and making the FNF Banner. Mason Rhade made the main Army of Two picture you see, and of course Caffeine Powered for yet again whoring out his TF2 server, and creating an IRC channel for us Smashers to Brawl in. Thanks everyone, and to all our hosts : You're the best, may the force be with you.

DVD Design - Metalocalypse (Hosting?)
Snaileb - Snaileb (I'm joining a Brawl match sometime, but at midnight EST it's Gears)
-D- - SuckerPod (Hosting Burnout Paradise)
Wardrox - Wardrox (Hosting Halo 3.)
Yashoki - Yashoki (Hosting COD4)
EternalDarkWing - ShadowTrooperX (Hosting Condenmed 2! Cool!)

Burnout Paradise: Butmac did a spectacular job hosting and playing with new and old Destructoiders! -D- will start your engines!

Condenmed 2 : Hobo Wars: EternalDarkWing has got you covered in this newest addition to FNF. I've heard great things, soon I'll pick this up.

Gears of War: Gears will be hosted at Midnight, EST. Just send Snaileb a message!

Call of Duty 4: P0WER-GLOVE has been an excellent host these past couple of
months, but I'm afraid he's MIA this week. Instead, find Yahsoki, the fatest mexican chick you know!

Rock Band or Guitar Hero III: Does in fact need more Cowbell. I just downloaded
the Classic Rock track too! Bad assery.

Team Fortress 2: If you prefer the gimped 360 version over the PC, we got you covered.

Halo 3: Teabagging Edition. If you haven't played with the UK crew, you're missing out! BLIMEY!

Bomberman Live: If anyone wants to get a game going, DO IT. Just let us know! :p

The PSTriple crowd have got their plans laid out, and this section is pertaining to what
games they usually play.

Unreal Tournament 3: Yojimbo is now head chancelor of your PS3 activities, and
you can usually find him hosting this.

COD4: Once done with UT3, it's time for some running & gunning.

Burnout Paradise: Not in the mood to shoot people in the face? Then why not use a

Warhawk: Whether on foot, in a jeep, in a tank or in a Warhawk death is but a
moment away.

Smash Brothers Brawl: Taken quite a while hasn't it? Yes, the Smash Bros FNF
debut is upon us, and with so many options to take advantage of, you have no excuse!

IRC Channel

I suppose the easiest way to join IRC is through java based chatroom, it's old but easy. Make sure you have a bluetooth headset. Just type in :

/join #dtoid-brawl



Port: 3790

Password: None

There is no password to actually access the server, but the Social lounge does require a password, which is "ftw" without quotes of course. Make sure you have a bluetooth headset. If you need a "how to" guide, these lovely Destructicans have your answer. Go
here if you have questions.

Don't have Ventrilo?

Get it at http://ventrilo.com/download.php

Use your 360

I've done this twice and it works every time. Just turn on your 360, join a free XBLA game
(Aegis Wings, Yaris) and voila! Simple, right? Just dont forget that your controller may die.

Team Fortress 2: Custom Maps
TF2 server information

Server: Destructoid.com - TF2
Pass: destructoid

We thank you for your continued support of FNF and hope to see you there tonight.



To get any additional information needed on Friday Night Fights, or to even discuss the events before or afterwards, then please visit the Official Friday Night Fights Forums

What? Stop gawking! What's that? You don't remember what to do? Well a
quick tutorial of Friday Night Fights is all you need.
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