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Friend of mine says Smash Bros is a buttons masher, should I beat his ass?

One of my best friends says that Smash Brothers is a button mashing fighter, does this mean he knows nothing about the game?

I mean, I don't even think SSBB is like your average fighter. The goal is different, there is no health meter, just a damage percentage. The goal is to knock the FUCK out of the other players from the stage.

Although he hasn't played SSBB yet, he's played other Smash Bros. I think he played against skilled opponents before sitting down for several days to find out how to really move and beat some ass.

I myself never owned a Smash Brothers game, I just played extensively against a friend that did own it and I got my ass handed to me every time. Button mashing didn't work.

After I purchased and played SSBB with a buddy from mid-afternoon till 7 in the AM, several days in a row, I finally found the true beauty of Smash Brothers. At first we mostly went through Co-op on the Emissary, which there is still shit I haven't completed, we both knew how to work together. Then we would fight each other, usually on the Final Destination stage, and he would beat my ass into the ground. Then I learned more play mechanics. I've become really good with Snake, Ike and Pit. He's become good with Snake, Marth and Samus. We would sometimes max the stock and just practice stuff on each other, then really fight.

Whenever its Snake vs Snake its like the fight of the universe (especially since we're huge MGS fans).

We both agree that our friend is a dumbass and are debating if we should put the beat-down to him in front of his family.
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